dilluns, de juny 25, 2007

página 161, 5ª frase

Una idea tan absurda como cualquier otra: coger un libro, el que uno tenga más a mano, abrirlo por la página 161, buscar la 5ª frase completa y anotar aquí lo que dice.

En mi caso he cogido unos cuantos libros.

"The Inheritance of Loss" de Kiran Desai:
It was a masculine atmosphere and Gyan felt a moment of shame remembering his tea parties with Sai on the veranda, the cheese toast, queen cakes from the baker, and even worse, the small warm space they inhabited together, the nursery talk-

"The Blind Watchmaker" de Richard Dawkins:
The odds of this happening are 1 in 36.

"Snow Falling on Cedars" de David Guterson:
And when the dust settles, America will have won.

"The Water-Method Man" de John Irving:
Then he'll see the letter.

"The God of Small Things" de Arundhati Roy:
She had an odd, feverish glitter in her eyes.

Os invito a buscar la página 161 de un libro, cualquier libro, y a anotar aquí lo que dice la quinta frase completa. :)